Friday, October 19, 2012

Steve-O teeth

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Steve-O before veneers

Steve-O's teeth are not real, in fact are porcelain crowns that he got in her teen year after a bike accident

The former "Jackass" told in the MTV show "When i was 17" how he got a new smile: "My way of getting around in London when I was 17 was my bicycle. One night, I filled my glass with some sort of hard liquor and chugged the whole glass".

After that, he decided to use his bike, "The next thing I remember is waking up on the hood of a parked car, which I had blatantly ridden head-on into. My bike was in this mangled heap. My teeth were broken really majorly."

Because of that, his mom took him to a dentist that reconstructed his smile.

Below we can see more picture of Steve-O with his almost neon white set of teeth.

Steve-O teeth

Steve-O veneers

Steve-O smile


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